Uncover the top destinations for wine walks in Germany. On the menu: Our favorite German wine roads and English-speaking, boutique vineyard wine walks.

Ever walked around a city or town in Germany and noticed people seem to always be dressed for a hike?

That’s because Germans literally LOVE a good walk.

Psst…if you’re an expat just starting to make some local friends, don’t be surprised if you get invited on a walking date—or two—or ten, for that matter.

And if you’ve spent any time with Really Grape, you know one more thing Germans adore: a glass of high-quality, delicious wine.

So gosh knows how long ago, the ever-practical Germans decided to combine two hobbies into one.

Enter the wine walk—or weinwanderung!

Spoiler alert: it’s just as grape as it sounds.

Keep reading to discover what wine walks are all about, if they’re worth the hype (short answer: absolutely!), and where to book the best walk wines that Germany has to offer.

Wine Walks in German Vineyards with the girls

First things first: what are wine walks?

Wine walks are exactly what you’d expect from the name—you take a walk while sipping wine!

Wine walks in Germany come in a few different forms:

  • An experience you can book at a winery, where you walk the through vineyards with a guide who tells you all about the viticulture while you sip away on their fine wines
  • An event where local winemakers set up booths over several miles (errr, kilometers), and you walk from booth to booth tasting various local wines
  • Famous German wine routes with wineries ready to welcome visitors year-round

🍷 Sip Tip: Need to brush up on the local wine-tasting etiquette? Get ready to back that glass up with our Really Grape guide to wine tasting in Germany

Who are wine walks for?

Unlike a bar or pub crawl, wine walks are for everyone, even the whole family!

While not everyone may be able to sip some bubbly, they’ll still be able to enjoy the jaw-dropping landscapes, taste the regional delicacies, and enjoy a good ol’ fashioned walk.

And if you’re not quite up on your German yet, no worries! You can easily book authentic, boutique, and (best of all) English-speaking wine experiences right here on Really Grape 🥂

Why should you add a wine walk in Germany to your bucket list?

Wine walks are your chance to experience two staples of German culture ent-wine-d!

This classic German pastime lets you stretch your legs while tasting the best wines in each region. There’s nothing quite like sipping a crisp Riesling, savory Spätburgunder, or flowery Müller-Thurgau as you take in the stunning views.

And speaking of views, there’s quite a lot to see. Depending on which of the 13 German wine regions you choose to visit (and believe us, there are no pour decisions here), you’ll be greeted by varying, gorgeous scenery.


  • Terraced vineyards with breathtaking river views
  • Lush forests leading to idyllic wine villages
  • Rolling hills dotted with medieval castles
  • Historic, half-timbered towns with rustic wine taverns

Now that we’ve painted the picture, let’s get down to business…

Wine Walks in German Vineyards with the girls

Where and when can I take a wine walk in Germany?

It’s time to decant a few iconic German wine routes! Here, we’ll shout out our top three 👇

Walk Germany’s oldest wine road: the Weinstraße

Where? The Pfalz wine region

This 85-kilometer road connects 130 charming wine villages. Although you can visit anytime, we recommend stopping by between March and October, when wine season is in full swing.

Two of our utmost favorite times to take a wine walk here are:

  • The last Sunday in August, when the Weinstraße is closed to motorized vehicles so you can walk, walk, and then walk some more (while sipping wine, of course)
  • During March and April when the Mandelblütenfest (Almond Blossom Festival) opens Germany’s wine festival season! Enjoy a stroll underneath the beautiful pink blossoms while sampling the new vintages

🍷 Sip Tip: Planning a visit to Pfalz? Uncork all the best wines, experiences, and vineyards in our can’t-miss guide to the Pfalz wine region.

Hike the Rotweinwanderweg (or Red Wine Trail to us expats 😉)

Where? The Ahr wine region

This 35-kilometer road runs from Bodendorf to Altenahr, connecting seven wine-growing towns known for their tasty reds. Picture hilltop ruins and mountain peaks with vineyards dotting the landscape below. When you go, you’ve got to try the Spätburgunder and Grauburgunder!

🍷 Sip Tip: What do castle ruins and wine vending machines have in common? You’ll find both on the Rotweinwanderweg! If you hike up to Saffenburg Castle, you’ll stumble upon a wine vending machine. Simply purchase a bottle, un-wine-d, and take in the picturesque vista 🍾

Take a stroll on the Rheinterrassenweg (a.k.a. Rhine Terrace Trail)

Where? The Rheinhessen wine region

Explore Germany’s largest wine region through this 75-kilometer wine route! Stretching from Mainz to Worms, this wine walk is your ideal chance to see the world-famous Riesling vineyards along the Rhine and taste the timeless wines they produce.

🍷 Sip Tip: Weekdays are usually quieter for wine walks, so keep in mind that some wineries might be closed. Be sure to plan ahead by checking for special events and opening hours. If you want a guaranteed wine-derful experience, consider strolling through on the weekend instead!

Wine pour during a wine walk in the German vineyards

How do I find and book vineyard wine walks in Germany?

Do you want to discover the hidden gems of the elusive European wine world? We’ll help you find them.

Independent, family-run wineries are our cup of tea glass of wine. Below, you’ll find two vineyard wine walks vetted by our wine-loving team and ripe for the booking!

Wine Walk and Wine Tasting with Weingut Rinke

Where? The Mosel wine region

Learn about organic viticulture from owner and vintner Alex Rinke as you enjoy the steep and spectacular views on your walk along the Ruwer River. Next, sample six artisanal wines (including one sparkling Sekt) while snacking on local bread and tapas in a historic mill. If that’s not a pour-fect afternoon, we don’t know what is!

Schloss Janson Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Where? The Pfalz wine region

Tucked amidst the ancient ruins of Emichsburg Castle, this historic winery has been run by the Janson family for over six generations. Learn about their unique story as you tour the beautiful estate and stroll through the vineyards. After your walk, indulge in a guided wine-tasting session and a gourmet charcuterie platter.

Indulge your wander(and wine)lust

Looking for off-the-beaten-track wineries? Dreaming of strolling through lush vineyards tucked along serene riverbanks? Craving the taste of local wines crafted with ancient secrets and traditions?

Who wouldn’t?!

Cheers to a wine walk through the German vineyards

Say goodbye to spending hours scouring the internet (and struggling through translations) to discover boutique wineries! At Really Grape, we’ve done the legwork for you. Let’s uncork some unforgettable memories, sips, and advin-tures 🥂

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