A Modern Take on European Wine Tourism

Our Mission:
Put the best wine online

It all began with a glass… or two

Founded in 2022, Really Grape was inspired by extensive wine travel and an enormous effort to connect with independent wineries all over the world. 

Basically, we drank a lot of wine. And had a lot of trouble finding it.

The best European wineries are known among locals but hidden from curious travelers. Really Grape is changing the game, putting these authentic wine experiences online and making it easy to find, book, and sip your way across Europe. 

Our CWO’s Manifesto


Welcome to the cru. I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’re ready to join curious sippers all over Europe and taste some freakin’ great grapes, then you’re in the right place. 

I founded Really Grape to empower independent wineries to easily establish a thriving online presence, giving their business (and bottles) the chance to build a lasting legacy, and, in turn, make it 1000x easier for English speakers to find and book authentic wine tastings across Europe.

Simply put, the wine tourism industry is outdated. Really Grape brings the best wine and wine experiences into this century and leaves the history for the winemakers to explain.

I want to help you make memories that last a lifetime and conveniently connect you with incredible wine, as well as the story and people behind it.

What sets us apart?

committed to BUILDING CONNECTIONS between wine sippers and winemakers.

For Wine Sippers

We make booking the best wine experiences all over Europe easy, straightforward, and fast. No yellow phone book here. (Anyone remember those? …anyone?) We’ll get you on the road and into a tasting room faster than you can dial a foreign country code.

For Winemakers

We’re your partner in everything online. From accepting bookings to selling bottles, we’ll walk you through our user-friendly online tech solution without any language barriers. Put your winery in front of English-speaking tourists, manage and accept tours and tastings, and get valuable data insights on your ideal customers, all at your fingertips!

What we stand for


You’ll never drink alone. 

Our mission is to connect independent winemakers with English-speaking wine lovers, for meaningful and memorable experiences.


We’re committed to quality. 

Our team vets all of our wineries to ensure they deliver the high-quality, authentic wine tastings and tours that you can expect from Really Grape.


Less time searching. More time sipping. 

We know that your time is valuable, so we’re committed to an efficient, user-friendly experience for both our wine lovers and winemakers.

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