Are you itching to wine taste in Germany, but don’t quite know how to get started?

Well, you’ve come to a Really Grape place! 

A Weinprobe (or wine tasting, as it’s known to us expats) is the number one way to try one-of-a-kind local German wines, but it might be a little different than some of the commercial wine tastings you’re used to in other countries, like the United States.

But don’t worry! We’ve uncorked the insider details for you. We sat down with Gina, a Really Grape team member, and a German-based sipper, to get allllll the info on how to wine taste in Germany like a local.

Without further ado, we bring to you…our Really Grape guide on how to wine taste in Germany! Prost (that’s cheers–remember this word!) 🥂

What can I expect from a wine tasting in Germany?

German wine tastings are split into two categories:

🍇 Regular, no-frills events where you stop by the winery and simply taste the wines

🍇 Wine tastings that are part of certain packages, offers, or special events that the winery hosts

Overall, you can usually expect to try about 6-8 wines when you wine taste in Germany. A typical German wine list will list the whites first, then rosés, followed by reds. Sekt (German sparkling wine) is listed separately. 

The wine list will likely end with Destillierter Wein (distilled wines) and Likör (liqueurs), which might not be part of the wine tasting, but you can always ask! (The more the merrier, ya know?)

Sip tip 🍷 Before visiting a particular German winery, make sure to check which of the 13 German wine regions it’s in! Different regions are known for different wines.

Do I need to book in advance for wine tasting in Germany?

You might be shocked by the answer: but there is no set rule for this in Germany! 

It depends on many factors including the size of the winery, what day of the week you are visiting, if it’s a special occasion, etc. 

As Gina says, “Some wineries may not be very busy at the moment, and you can just drop by spontaneously. For others, you have to book in advance, especially if you are a larger group. 

Our advice? 🍾 Always call beforehand, just in case. 

Don’t enjoy phone calls? You can easily book authentic wine experiences online with Really Grape! This way, you can ensure each of your German winery outings is a huge sekt-cess (rather than a big ol’ stressor).

Sip tip 🍷 If you’re ever traveling and spontaneously happen upon a German winery, don’t be afraid to pop in and ask if they have time for a wine tasting! The vintners won’t bite, we promise.

How much does wine tasting in Germany cost?

Every German wine experience has a different price. It all depends on the number and quality of wines tasted, the vineyard’s reputation, and any special activities, such as guided tours or wine walks. 

German wine experiences may cost roughly around €10 to €30 per person, but it really depends on what kind of bottlefull wine adventure you’re booking.

Some wineries will let you do a no-frills wine tasting free of charge. If you happen to find yourself at one of these, it’s common courtesy to buy a bottle (or two) as a thank you to your wine-derful hosts!

Do wineries in Germany speak English?

We have grape news: most Germans speak at least a little English. Some more, some less. 

Even if no one at the winery speaks English fluently, they truly try their very best to accommodate international guests! Don’t be too afraid of the language barrier and just give it a good ol’ college try. 

If you would prefer to start by visiting wineries that do speak fluent English, just to get into the flow of things, we totally get it. We’ve prepared a list of 25 English-speaking wineries in Germany ready for sipping 👇

Ready to wine taste in Germany? Check out these English-speaking wineries, all ripe for booking on Really Grape.

How do I find wine-tasting events in Germany?

If you are searching for where to wine taste in Germany, it is best to focus on one of the 13 German wine regions and start from there, as many events are listed by region. 

Google Translate might be your best friend here. While (as we mentioned above) you’ll most likely find someone at the winery who speaks at least a little English, many of the websites are only in German. 

Some more traditional, old-school wineries don’t have an online presence at all, so their charming local wine events may be hard to find. Psst…that’s actually part of the reason why Maria (our founder and Chief Wine Officer) started Really Grape: to connect wine lovers to hidden, boutique European wine experiences.

P.S. If you’re ready to join curious sippers all over Europe and taste some freakin’ great grapes, then you’re in the right place. The Sipper’s Club puts the best wine, winemakers, and open-minded wine lovers in one place, helping local businesses thrive by doing exactly what they do best. 

Fun fact 🥂 There are over 11,000 wineries in Germany, so get ready to stop and smell the rosé…and then taste it!

How do I find off-the-beaten-track, boutique wineries in Germany?

Picturesque vineyards stretching along lush river banks? Wineries hidden in medieval castle ruins? Unique local wines made according to secret, centuries-old traditions? 

Yes. Yes. And triple yes. You might not have time to scour the internet (and Google translate your butt off) trying to find boutique wine ad-vintures, but we sure do! 

Book your next unforgettable European wine experience in seconds on Really Grape. Red-y to start sipping? 

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