Upcoming wine events in Rheingau

The Birthplace of Reisling

Mainz wine market

Mainz Wine Market

August 29
/ person

Wine Tasting with Weingut Joachim Flick

Weingut Joachim Flick
35 / person

Exclusive Wine Tasting with Prinz von Hessen

Grund 6, 65366 Geisenheim, Germany
39 / person

Wine tasting with Weingut Kaufmann

Hattenheim, Eltville, Germany
30 / person

Winetasting with the winemaker

Friedensplatz 19, 65375 Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
30 / person

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    About Rheingau

    Nestled near Frankfurt Airport, the Rheingau wine region in Germany is a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Lush vineyards bask along the banks of the Rhine River, Germany’s premier wine waterway. Here, ideal climatic conditions coax exceptional grapes from the soil. Riesling, the undisputed star, reigns supreme, offering crisp acidity, delicate floral notes, and a touch of minerality. Spätburgunder, the red grape known as Pinot Noir, also thrives, producing wines bursting with dark fruit flavors and a velvety smooth finish.

    • Wine & History: Immerse yourself in history at magnificent wine estates like Kloster Eberbach, Schloss Vollrads, and Schloss Johannisberg. These aren’t just wineries – they’re architectural masterpieces!
    • Drosselgasse Delights: Rüdesheim beckons with its lively Drosselgasse, a charming lane lined with door-to-door wine bars and pubs. Don’t miss the Rüdesheim Wine Festival in August for an unforgettable experience!
    • Explore the Enchanting Villages: Journey along the Rhine River and discover the captivating wine villages of Oestrich-Winkel, Eltville, and Assmannshausen. Each boasts unique character and, of course, incredible wines.
    • Rheingau Wine Festival: In early August, raise a glass to the region’s bounty at the renowned Rheingau Wine Festival in Wiesbaden.

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