Wein am Main

Weinfestgemeinschaft Mainstockheim Am Schneeberg 1, Mainstockheim, Germany

Wein am Main is more than "just" a festival concept. Characterized by regionality and atmosphere, it aims to convey the image of New Franconia through an extraordinary ambiance. The selected range of wines are classic and hearty, but also fine and unusual dishes from the region. Creative concept, creative wines, and creative Franconian cuisine interpreted […]

Cellar Party at Weingut Fischer

Weingut Fischer Kleiner Stiftsberg 2, Heilbronn, Germany

We would like to toast with you! There will be snacks and of course one or two (or three) glasses of well-chilled vino on the hand! Because it's better to enjoy it in the fresh air, the summer terrace is of course open! And if it gets a bit wet, no problem! Then head to […]

July Virtual Tasting: La Micro Winerie Bordeaux


Join us for a virtual tasting with La Micro Winerie Bordeaux from the comfort of your home!  About the Winery: La Micro Winerie Bordeaux La Micro Winerie is an urban winery in the city center of Bordeaux - a hotspot for ecological transition: DARWIN. The concept is hand-picked grapes from their partner winegrowers, all organic […]

€108.00 / person

Grünstadter Weinfest (Wine Festival)

Weindorf/Festplatz Luitpoldplatz Weindorf/Festplatz Luitpoldplatz, Grünstadt, Germany

The Grünstadter Weinfest, also known as the "Weinwettstreit" (wine competition), is a renowned wine festival held annually in Grünstadt, Germany. Here's what you can expect: Dates: Friday, July 26th - Monday, July 29th. Times: Friday at 5 PM Saturday at 11 AM Sunday at 10:30 AM Monday at 11 AM Highlights: Wine Tastings: Local wineries […]

Rheingau Wine Festival

Rheingau Wine Festival This prestigious wine festival takes place from July 27th to August 3rd in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse. It features tastings from Rheingau wineries, culinary delights, and a festive atmosphere. The history of the Rheingau Wine Festival in Wiesbaden is a success story because it has drawn thousands of visitors to Wiesbaden […]

Wine Festival in Niederkirchen

Dorfplatz Niederkirchen

For wine connoisseurs, the "Wine Festival" in Niederkirchen is one of the absolute highlights of the festival season on the German Wine Route. Every year on the last weekend in June, everything in the wine-growing community of Niederkirchen traditionally revolves around wine as a cultural asset. Numerous wineries open their courtyards and invite guests from […]

Ulm Wine Festival

Münsterplatz Münsterplatz, Ulm, Germany

Ulm Wine Festival: July 31 - August 17, 2024 Monday - Sunday: 5 PM - 11 PM   18 years of the Ulm Wine Festival! Once again this year, you can expect a variety of traditional regional dishes. Alsatian tarte flambée, cheese specialties, Kaiserschmarrn, and bacon/cheese variations are just a small taste of the wide […]

Reichenau Wine Festival

Sportboothafen Herrenbruck Hermannus-Contractus-Straße 26, Reichenau, Germany

Reichenau Wine Festival In 2024, the Reichenau Wine Festival will take place from August 2nd to 4th. The festival grounds are open on Fridays from 5 pm to 1 am, on Saturdays from 12 pm to 1 am, and on Sundays from 10:30 am to 11 pm.   Really Grape Details: Another wine festival on […]

Nierstein Wine Festival

Stadtpark Nierstein Bildstockstraße 10, Nierstein, Germany

Join the annual Nierstein Wine Festival from August 2nd - 5th! Throughout the festival weekend, you will find festive hosts, clubs, and entertainers at the Market Square, Fronhof, Tempelhof, Saalpförtchen, Oberdorfstraße, Rheinstraße, and along the northern Rhine shore. Younger visitors will enjoy attractions such as the Ferris wheel and other exciting rides at the riverside. […]

Olewiger Wine Festival

Trier Zentrum Gottbillstraße, Trier, Germany

Join the annul Olewiger Wine Festival from August 2nd - 5th! Open-minded, fun-loving, and tolerant: this is what the Trier-Olewig wine festival is supposed to be, which the association of local winegrowers has been organizing for over 70 years. That's why the festival is naturally also open to other liquid delicacies, such as beer and […]

Estival Esslingen 2024

Rund um den Marktplatz Rathauspl. 1, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

Join the annual Essival Esslingen from August 2nd - August 14th. Mondays - Thursdays: 5 - 11 PM Fridays: 5 PM – Midnight Saturdays: 11:30 AM – Midnight Sundays: 11:30 AM – 11 PM Thirteen days of program and entertainment, seven hosts in unique festival architecture, one culinary highlight after another, countless people from here […]

Hagnau Wine Festival

Alter Torkel im Uferpark Alter Torkel im Uferpark, Hagnau am Bodensee, Germany

Another of the promising wine events on Lake Constance takes place in Hagnau. Gourmets, wine lovers, and winemakers will meet again this year on the Torkelwiese between the town hall and the mini golf course.  Entry to the Hagnau wine festival costs 4 euros; in return, visitors receive a free glass of wine. The region's wines […]

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