Service Fee

Really Grape will collect a service fee of 10% + 3% Strip fee for every booking. (You will only be charged when a booking is validated and made through Really Grape)


  • 4 sippers attending a vineyard tour x 25 Euros = 100 euros
  • Really Grape’s commission is 10 euros & stripe fee is 3 euros = 13 euros excluding VAT
  • You, the winery, will 87 euros once the experience is complete

Cancellation policy

  • The sipper has 48 hours to cancel a booking without any needed approval
  • If the sipper cancels outside of the 48 hour period, you the winery will get paid as if the experiences occurred and a service fee will be charged
  • If you, the winery, needs to cancel outside of the 48 hour period, you are required to give the sipper a full refund.

Changes to the Booking

  • If the sipper would like to add additional people – you must approve the request
  • You must notify the sipper if there are any changes to the itinerary

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